Exclusive Forex Striker Review

Forex Striker: The Next Big Thing In The Forex World

Forex Striker ReviewHow many of the Forex traders actually trade without Forex robots and electronic advisors? Automatic trading is on the boom these days, and there is hardly any Forex trader who does not like automatic trading. There are several different Forex robots that one can use to automate the whole trading process. All of these EAs work under certain market conditions, and they tend to lose their effectiveness when market changes. There is not a single EA that has the ability to trade automatically under all market trends and situations. But now we do have one…

Forex Striker is a Forex robot that is specifically designed for those who are looking for very high return on investment. It officially opened up for pre-launch on 25th October 2012 and people be it Forex traders, newbie or Forex brokers, are crazy about it. But of course all those who want to buy Forex Striker, they need to have an in-depth knowledge of the product that whether it really works or it is just a scam. This is the reason that everyone nowadays are looking for authentic as well as reliable Forex Striker reviews to find out the authenticity and effectiveness of this robot.

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What is Forex Striker?

Forex StrikerForex Striker is developed by 8 experienced and highly skilled developers who have years of experience under their belts. It is developed by the creators of Forex Megadroid, GPS Forex robot and FAP Turbo. The developers spent over 7 years in developing and testing this unique and smart revolutionary robot.

Forex Striker has the ability to increase the deposited amount to as high as 9214% over a year. I know this sounds crazy but this is a fact or must I say, it is a hard reality. These results have been proven already. Forex Striker is the only patented robot in the history. It has been patented by U.S.A Patent and Trademark office which is a clear indication of the fact that there is something “really revolutionary” that has approached the market.

Even before Forex Striker has been launched, it has been highly in demand. People cannot stop waiting to have their copies. It has been tested several times. And it has given the same results every time. The software is being distributed to over 300 beta-testers, and all of them are “making phenomenal profits”. No questions. The results were so phenomenal that they decided to open up an additional 200 spots for beta testers to confirm that their software really works.

The thing is everyone now knows that it really works. That has been discussed a lot in other Forex Striker reviews. But only a few people know as to how this really works? What is the basic theme and idea behind Forex Striker? Are there any drawbacks? What are the other features that it carries? And so on.

So, let’s find out how Forex Striker can help automate your Forex trading and why is it so popular.

Why you need to read “THIS” Exclusive Forex Striker Review?

Since there are lots and lots of Forex Striker reviews available over the internet, why you need to read this review? What is so special about it?

Well, we will discuss a whole lot of various things about the software right from A to Z whether it be its features, drawbacks, benefits, why it is getting famous and much more. So this review is different in the sense that it not only will discuss the good aspects, but it will also share the drawbacks, and it will also share with you as to how this software actually works?

So here we go.

Forex Striker Review

Features at a glance:

1. Forex Striker can make decisions smartly

Without doubt, this particular robot has a lot to offer to its users. It is different from all other EAs that we have been using for years in the sense that it has the ability to change the way how it works. That means, if the market condition, trend or situation changes, Forex Striker will change its operation method. The user does not have to do anything rather it will automatically develop a new strategy based on the “current” market trend, and will start functioning accordingly. Unlike other Forex robots that perform well under a certain market situation, and when the trend changes or prices fluctuate, they start losing the trades. Additionally, these auto-traders were good for repetitive tasks that do not need any judgments or does not involve any decision making. On the other hand, Forex Striker is not supposed to work this way. It is not a simple robot that will do one and only one task for you repeatedly rather it has the ability to adapt to the current market situation, decide, choose a strategy and implement it.

2. It moves with the market conditions

It has the built-in ability to move with the changing market conditions. Since Forex market never remains stagnant, and keeps on changing every second, so a perfect robot must have to deal with market accordingly. And Forex Striker does exactly the same. It moves with the current trend and keeps on increasing the profits.

3. The only patented Forex robot

Forex Striker is the only Forex robot in the history that has been patented with the U.S.A Patent and Trademark Office. This is one of the most highlighted aspects of this software that has been discussed in Forex Striker reviews and also on the official website of the robot. If the idea or the technology that has been used in the creation has been patented, it means that there is something new in it. Of course, no one would like to spend heavy amount in patenting a technology or product if it is not new.

4. Ability to increase invested amount to as high as 9214% in one year

Now here comes the most important feature. This software can increase the invested amount to as high as 9214% in a year. This is really a big deal. Importantly, this output is not imaginable or estimated rather it is a tested, factual and proven output. 9214% is a proven output that this EA will potentially give to all its users in a year. Amazing!

This is one of the most discussed features and it has been debated almost over every Forex blog and forum. All the Forex Striker reviews specifically highlights this part. And no doubt, such a high output is simply unmatched. The developers have spent 7 years testing this software, and it has been showing the same results over and over again during all the testing phases.

5. Extremely easy to use software

Since it is a Forex robot and it has the ability to do almost everything by itself, so anyone with or without Forex trading experience can use this software. Those having no experience of Forex trading can use it to earn extremely high profits. The developers have made Forex trading easy and simple for everyone. Although it was supposed to be very easy already, but these guys have tried to simplified it a little more for the general public. Now with Forex Striker and healthy Forex Striker reviews, anyone can earn as much as one can. Furthermore, you can invest as little as $500-$1,000 in trading and risk only 3% based on their testings.

6. Developed by a team of 8 highly qualified, skilled and experienced developers

Forex Striker has been developed by a highly experienced team of eight different developers. Sounds good! These developers include Mike S., Stefan H. and Oleh Z and others. All the developers are highly skilled and of course, they are experts in their field. Forex Megadroid, GPS Forex robot and FAP Turbo are a few other products that some of these developers have created. So you can expect a really top quality product from the experts. Additionally they have used Artificial Intelligence, D.N.A. Research, Aeronautics, Multi Thread Processing and Telemetrics to develop this high-end Forex robot. This is another reason for its immense fame that it links to 8 different industry experts.

7. Offered with a 60 days money back guarantee

Not to mention, Forex Striker offers a 60 days money back guarantee. Can anybody miss such an opportunity to get their hands onto a product that is being offered with a full 60 days money back guarantee and has the ability to increase the returns up to 9214% annually? The developers are so confident with Forex Striker that they’ll refund all your money if you’re not fully satisfied with the results.

8. Simplified codes used

The developers have kept everything simple and smooth by keeping all the codes in simplified form. This means you can run this robot on any computer with minimum chances of hanging issues, crashes and memory overload problems. Even if your computer crashes, all you have to do is install Forex Striker on another computer and it will start right from the point where it was crashed – smart is the word we use for this robot. So it means you can easily use it on multiple computers simultaneously.

Forex Striker Review: Performance

Forex Striker drawbacks:

Nothing comes in this world without drawbacks, as Arnold B. said:

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts”

1. It is said that almost 99% of the Forex robots are scam, and none of them actually work. So there are people out there who believe or have views that Forex Striker is just another scam. This is what people have to say about it, but I must add here that you cannot say anything about a product until and unless you use it.

2. The developers claim that this software will always give the same output to every individual who uses it. This means that this robot will be going to change the Forex market forever since anyone can buy and install it on MT4 and can start earning money. This is something that is much criticized.


Price is a very important factor that cannot be missed, and I am sure you must be eager to know as to what is the price of this great Forex robot. Well luckily it is available at $147. No recurring charges. So this sounds to be a very fair deal. I mean there is no point in rejecting such a quality robot for such a sheer price.

Forex Striker Review: Final words

Among so many other Forex Striker reviews, I believe my review stands out as it has a lot to share other than the usual benefits and pros of the product. As it is said, “to every disadvantage there is a corresponding advantage”, so the idea here is to stick to the benefits and features of this legendary Forex robot. One thing is for sure, this is really a unique software that promises to increase profits significantly. Furthermore, it has the ability to convert the investment into 7 figures in a week.

Conclusively, Forex Striker is something that no one wants to miss out on. It is time to change your present and to shine your future, and that is only possible if you will get this great Forex robot. Get a hold of it now because you wouldn’t want to miss out on this big opportunity that will change your financial life forever.

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